Our Computer Repair Tigard services come with six promises:

1. Fast service. We know that many companies promise this but here at Computer Repair Tigard, we really do not want you sitting around your home or place of business waiting for us so we make this promise to arrive within… An hour or less.

2. We promise 100% satisfaction guarantees. And that we won’t shock you and hurt your bank account with extra fees. We discuss the costs with you ahead of time and call you to confirm that you want to go through with the repairs. Our highest charge is two hours even if the repair ends up taking more time than that.

3. Overall no shocking surprises and little chance of errors. Our computer technicians are highly trained with much experience and are also undergoing constant training with Computer Repair Tigard services, in order to always be updated on the latest computer and system equipment and resolutions.

4. Your repairs will be completed on time. At Computer Repair Tigard, we know that you will probably need that computer back ASAP so we promise to do our best to get the job done by the time we tell you that it will be done. If we discover anything unforeseen and there is a reason that we can’t, we’ll let you know immediately.

5. No nerd jargon. At Computer Repair Tigard, we realize that most of the general public doesn’t know computers the way we do and as a result, we strive to keep our explanations as simple as possible. We want you to understand the problems as well as we do so in order to prevent misunderstandings and the need for lengthy questioning.

6. And finally, here at Computer Repair Tigard, we promise that your bills will be accurate and detailed so that you can understand what went into your repairs and why your costs totaled up to what they did.

Here at Computer Repair Tigard, we do both on-site calls for businesses and repairs at our center. At Computer Repair Tigard, we strive to meet your budget so that you won’t have to pay the usual high repair prices. If your computer is in need of a repair, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.